Features to add
personality to your
outreach sequences

AI generated screen recordings

Auto-generate screen recordings with personalized backgrounds

AI generated facecam videos

Turn your facecam video into thousands of personalized videos

Custom branded video landing pages

Customize video landing pages with your own branding & domain

Calendar embeds

Embed calendar widgets right on your video page

Customize video previews

Add stickers, emojis, gifs and images on video pages

Secure and safe

Potion AI platform is SOC2 Type I compliant

Personalized videos with accurate lip-sync

Greet your prospects by their names and make your videos completely unique to each viewer

Personalized video backgrounds with prospect wesites

Optimize your videos by choosing from a variety of backgrounds, including the option to automatically include a scrolling capture of a specific URL for an added personal touch.

Personalize video pages for each workspace

Use Workspaces for customizing landing pages for each client wih a domain name, CTA buttons, your brand colors, titles, logos and even add Gifs.

Personalize CTA buttons

Direct your audience to take specific actions with customizable, clickable call-to-action buttons that can be embedded with calendly, forms, or custom CTAs.

Personalize video preview thumbnails

Easily incorporate personalized videos into emails, LinkedIn, SMS, and other channels with automatically generated GIF previews for increased engagement and conversions.

Scale your video production easily

Generate and send thousands of personalized videos in seconds with our CSV flow, which allows you to upload variable data and create personalized videos with just a few clicks.

Send your videos through existing channels

Send Potion videos through various communication channels, including LinkedIn, email and SMS, and see an automatic preview to drive audience engagement.

Integrate directly in your existing sales outreach tool

Add Potion to your existing stack without disrupting your team's workflow, as our platform integrates with 50+ top marketing, sales, ecommerce, and communication tools.

Don’t send plain old boring text emails. Send Potion.