Add personality To Your Outreach Sequences with Personalized Videos

AI generated screen recordings

Create automated screen recordings with unique backgrounds.

AI generated facecam videos

Turn a single face cam video into thousands of personalized versions.

Custom branded video landing pages

Customize landing pages with your branding and domain.

Calendar embeds

Seamlessly integrate calendar widgets directly on your video page.

Interactive Video Previews

Enhance previews with stickers, emojis, and GIFs.

SOC2 Compliant

Ensure security with our compliant platform.

Accurate Lip-Sync Personalization

Greet prospects by name with perfectly synced videos.

Custom Video Backgrounds

Use dynamic backgrounds, including scrolling prospect websites.

Workspace-Specific Video Pages

Tailor landing pages for each client with custom domains and branding.

Custom CTA Buttons

Guide viewers with clickable call-to-action buttons.

Engaging Video Thumbnails

Use GIF previews to boost engagement across channels.

Effortless Scalability

Produce thousands of personalized videos quickly using CSV uploads.

Integration with 50+ Tools

Add Potion to your existing sales tools without disruption.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Send videos through email, LinkedIn, SMS, and more with automatic previews.

Don’t send plain old boring text emails. Send Potion.