Our values

What we live by

Help them win

Our core mission is clear - We exist to help sales teams win. This is our North Star. How do we do that? By crafting awesomely useful and beautiful AI products, that help them do more business. We can emphasize with our customers only when we help them win, and truly understand their needs more than any other company. "Help them win" also means help your teammate win at their job. They are in the trenches with you. Go out of your way to help them with anything they may need.

Be sincere

Sincerity is being honest and respectful. We do that with each other and we do that with our customers. If you drop the ball, that's okay. Be honest about it. If someone else is dropping the ball, that's okay too. Have an honest conversation with them and if it coming from a place of sincerity, we will take that as constructive feedback.

Make mistakes

It's important to recognize that everyone makes mistakes. And everyone means everyone. Fortunately in our world, almost all mistakes are fixable. So don't be afraid to make mistakes. The only thing we ask you is learn from them fast and move on fast.


If you feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath. Focus and simplify your work. In order to do a great job, we must take a step back, breathe, focus on what's really important for the customer, and eliminate everything that is unimportant. If you catch yourself thinking too much about deciding between two things, just go with your gut and move to the next decision.

Have fun

Celebrate your wins, big or small. Recognize each others accomplishments. At the end of the day all that matters is that we can tell our friends, family, kids, what we are doing is actually pretty awesome. That we draw fulfillment, pride, and joy from our work. We've learned that this sense of fun and fulfillment doesn't come from “what products we are building” or “what industry we work in”. But from how we treat each other and how we treat our customers. So, have some fun while you're at it. It'll make your day easier. :)

Build something people want